Marvel Studios have showcased the new poster and trailer for Captain Marvel after ESPN’s Monday Night Football and what an explosive trailer it was.

From the get-go we see Carol Danvers tackling shapeshifting Skrulls, to being experimented on, to meeting Nick Fury, discovering her past and taking to the skies in all-out war! A very MARVELous spectacle indeed. Yes, there may also be many puns in this article so you may as well get used to it from here on out.

Many will know from the previous trailer that this film will take place before all others, you can even tell just by looking at Nick Fury’s two eyes that this was set way before any other films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the first of them to be a prequel for a newly introduced hero whilst set in the wondrous 1990s (the best era).

Take a MARVEL at the latest trailer below:

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Wow… shiny! When she turns on her power it’s as if a disco ball and a rainbow have collided and merged to form this glowing spectral of colors. Either way, I’d say the Captain is looking pretty damn MARVELous in this trailer and shown off to be a very powerful force to come into play when Infinity War: Part 2 debuts. Thanos beware!

Also, the part when she changes from her normal modern style to the updated super Saiyan mohawk version is pure genius and a version many of the fans wanted. It just shows Marvel delivering and thinking of all the fans and finding a way to include two versions of the character in a unique and creative way.

We also hear through rumblings of the web that Marvel will be showing the trailer for Infinity War: Part 2 very soon… so soon in fact that if the talk is to be believed then we may get to see it as soon as tonight! Though after the death of President Bush it has since been rumored that the trailer will premiere on Friday instead with a first trailer for ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ coming soon after. Marvel has been busy.

Everyone has been asking for a trailer to Part 2 of the Thanos snap desecration to come before the end of the year, so Marvel, I hope that you deliver!

Captain Marvel will be blasting her way into our cinema screens come March 8, 2019.

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