Microsoft released over 100 Xbox One backward compatible titles in 2018, giving some old classics a second wind.

“We were on a break!” are historical words that fill us with nostalgic warmth, but it’s not the only thing. Larry Hryb, Director of Programming for the Xbox Live Network, took to Twitter to announce that the team behind bringing nostalgic classics to our beloved modern console will be taking a break for the holidays — and offered up some inspiring statistics while he was at it.

Not only will the team be bringing more backward compatible games with them after they return in January, but they have added over 100 new titles to their catalog of BC games in 2018 alone. Which brings their total to over a whopping 500 games! How many did PlayStation add… asking for a friend?

If backward compatibility doesn’t quite wow you over then how does 4K ultra HD and HDR enhanced nostalgia sound? In 2018 no less than 57 of the 100+ newly added titles were part of Xbox One X Enhanced —  a name which, to be frank, is rather a mouthful!

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