Overwatch wouldn’t be Overwatch without a flood of new skins to go with every season, and Winter Wonderland 2018 is no different.

Overwatch drags us away from awkward family conversations every year with its Winter Wonderland event, a true credit to us all. This year, the festivities are set to kick off on December 11, leaving us plenty of time to earn some Christmas goodies.

First up on the list of skins that I’m inevitably going to have to buy for 1000 gold next year, is Snowboarder Zarya. Complete with dashingly-cute bear hat and… is that a tail?

Zarya has always come across as one of Overwatch’s more serious heroes, so it’s nice to see her having some fun outside of looking like a rejected member of Steel Panther. It also seems we’ll be getting a festive rendition of Blizzard world to inevitably not get passed the first objective on. Magical!

Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland 2018 event will be kicking off on December 11. We’ll have all the latest updates as they trickle through leading up to the event. Happy holidays!

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