PlanetSide, the game from Daybreak Games (formerly Sony Online Entertainment) has received a brand new spin-off, Planetside Arena which is a new arena-shooter style game which, of course, has a battle royale mode.

This week Daybreak Games announced PlanetSide Arena a new arena-style shooter which hops on the Battle Royale trend. The game will feature three game modes, solo for 100 players, teams of three for 102 players, and Massive Clash – a 250 vs 250 mode.

As you’d expect from a PlanetSide game, the map is set to be pretty big at 8k x 8k square kilometer. This map is based off of one of the latest continents added to PlanetSide 2.

To hopefully make things a little different, PlanetSide 2 will feature three classes each of which has their own set of abilities, utilities, and passives. They’ve all got jetpacks as well as the ability to summon vehicles at any time – which seems pretty interesting.

PlanetSide Arena Screenshot

Daybreak Games has however assured PlanetSide fans that they’re not releasing another battle royale game, but instead PlanetSide Arena will soon feature classic arena shooter game modes like Capture the Flag, TDM, Conquest, and more as seasons progress.

For now though, you’ve got Battle Royale and a swanky trailer:

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PlanetSide Arena is expected to land on PC on January 29, 2019. Players can pre-order the game on Steam now, and choose from several options:

  • The Sanctuary Assault Edition (SRP $19.99) includes the Season 1 Battle Pass and the Assault Armor set.
  • The Legendary Edition (SRP $39.99) is packed with Season 1 Battle Pass, three Class Armor sets (Engineer, Assault and Medic), and the M-20 Tempest (hoverbike) Pack. 

Finally, each pre-order grants players access to PlanetSide Arena’s closed beta.

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