Plastic Man Image from DC Comics

DC Comics has confirmed a Plastic Man movie is currently in the works over at Warner Bros, adding another character to the DC Extended Universe.

Since the surprise success of the first two Deadpool movies studios have been scrambling for wisecracking, morally ambiguous heroes to become your child’s next Halloween costume and we’ve since had Suicide Squad, Venom, and there are always rumors of a Lobo film about to start production.

Could Eel O’Brian AKA Plastic Man become the next superhero household name? With the right script, VFX, actors and director we could have the makings of a true classic on-screen adaptation full of visual delights or another Roger Corman’s Fantastic Four

DC has recently confirmed that everybody’s favorite shape-shifting vigilante, Plastic Man, will be making his way to cinemas soon in a feature film of his very own. DC finally seems to be attempting to move far away from the dark Nolan-verse trapping of gravelly voiced, brooding superheroes, breaking necks from the shadows.

Plastic Man Image from DC Comics

Within the DC Universe, Plastic Man’s power set has always been vaguely defined although we do know he is physically invulnerable and can stretch his body to any shape or size, only limited by the power of his imagination, his most significant weakness is cold and freezing which turns him brittle and vulnerable to shattering.

Much like Shazam and Superman (I want to say Capt. Marvel so badly) Plastic Man’s first publication predates, the much more widely known, Reed Richards’ creation. Although he’s never been in the same league of popularity as Batman or Superman Eel has often featured in many of DC’s greatest stories, both in comics and with animated adaptations. In recent years, other than being the voice of humour and levity of whichever Justice League team he features on, another major theme for Plastic Man is the father-son relationship with his son Luke Ernie “Loogie” McDunnagh O’Brian AKA Offspring, although this would more than likely only be hinted at in an introductory film.

Who do you think would be best to play Plastic Man? In my humble opinion, there can be only one man for the job, and that’s got to be Jim Carrey. Plastic Man has consistently looked like Mr Carrey for decades before he was even born. Who else could match the physicality and humour needed for a half decent adaptation?

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