Reviews of the PlayStation Classic have been rolling out with mostly negative connotations. It seems that the hype train may have been derailed despite its grade A line-up of games.

December 3, 1994, gave video game aficionados and super geeks a gift in the form of the Grand-Daddy of disc-based gaming; The PlayStation. December 3, 2018, saw all those same people have their childhood dreams and memories crushed.

Performance of the emulation is reportedly sluggish due to them running in their 50hz PAL versions as well as the emulation introducing bugs and glitches not originally seen during their hard releases.

On top of that, by trying to play a game that plays at a 50hz rate on a machine that features a 60hz output has allegedly been causing lags and stutters. Therefore people are complaining that the games look like trash and play like trash too.

PlayStation Classic Games List

DigitalFoundry has done a full review and deep insight into the issues and why they are present, as well as alternates on how to play them on modern displays here:

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Did you buy the PlayStation Classic and proceed to be disappointed? Or were you happy with the minuscule clone? I, for one, shall play all the masterpieces on the Lou Ferrigno of consoles; PlayStation 2! Let us know your favorite way to relive the classics in the comments below!

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