Since it’s announcement, PlayStation fans have had an interesting view on the PlayStation Classic, with some lambasting the choice of games included in the $99 “emulator”, while others rejoiced at the chance to relive the glory days. While the PlayStation Classics library is a little on the small side, one savvy user may have found a way around this.

Naturally, when you get a new piece of tech (or an old piece of tech?) you’re going to have a few people opening it up and trying to fuck with it. Retro Gaming Arts took it a step further by accidentally discovering a hidden emulation menu that’s been seemingly left in the PlayStation Classic. Thankfully you don’t have to enter the Konami code while standing on your head and rotating your wrist anti-clockwise to get into the menu. Instead, all you have to do is plug in a USB keyboard and press the escape key.

As you may expect though, this doesn’t work with all available keyboards, but it seems like people are having a lot of luck with Logitech and Corsair keyboards. You can do all kinds of funky stuff within this menu, such as enabling infinite save states or unlocking the frame rate of the console.

PlayStation Classic

It goes without saying that accessing this emulation menu could potentially cause some issues with your PlayStation Classic, so while it could be fun to mess around with the menu – you could potentially run the risk of bricking your $99 childhood machine. At the very least, you might void whatever warranty comes with the purchase.

While further testing is sure to occur with the PlayStation Classic, it might be wise to let the internet test it for you before you start delving around the insides of it. Maybe there’ll be hidden games, or maybe there’ll be a way to pop some more games on to it, even if it could be legally ambiguous.

Did you pick up a PlayStation Classic yet? Let us know what you think about the mini reminiscence machine in the comments below!

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