Niantic Labs has started teasing the arrival of Trainer Battles in Pokémon Go, a feature fans have had to wait over two years for.

For some Pokémon Go is still a big part of their lives, and for those more dedicated fans they’re enjoying additions many of us were hoping to find at the beginning of the game, features such as trading, Raid battles, and much more.

Now Trainer Battles are coming, battles that’ll allow players to physically go head-to-head rather than battling via Gyms. Through a series of Tweets last week, Niantic Labs teased the feature that is “coming soon”.

The Tweets reveal very little on how these will work. Presumably players will be able to link up and battle and the tweets above are just snippets of an animation screen when this happens. That being said, they could also be random encounters while playing the game with the above exclamation point altering other players of nearby Trainers looking to battle.

Adding to this, Niantic also teased that Trainer Battles will also introduce Pokémon Leagues into the game. In total there’ll be three leagues, one of which players will have to choose before participating. Each league also has a Maximum CP limit:

  • Great League: 1,500 CP limit per Pokemon
  • Ultra League: 2,500 CP limit per Pokemon
  • Master League: No CP limit per Pokemon

In order to avoid some sort of Pokémon Go Meta, these three leagues have been designed so that players can participate with different kinds of Pokémon, as well as making it accessible to all players.

There’s currently no release date for this feature, however we hope that Trainer Battles will be a nice little Christmas treat for Pokémon Go players.

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