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Bethesda has announced that they won’t be launching RAGE 2 on Steam and instead will be releasing the game on the Bethesda Launcher, much like Fallout 76.

It should come as no surprise by now that Bethesda has been making some extremely smart decisions as of late. From their brilliant marketing over canvas bags to their prompt responses to pissed off consumers, and now they’re adding another fine idea to the list.

It would appear that their upcoming open-world post-apocalyptic sequel, RAGE 2, will be skipping a Steam release in favor of being released on Bethesda’s own launcher. You know, the same launcher that has an extremely specific “return policy” regarding whether or not someone should be able to return a garbage product they’re not happy with. For whatever reason Bethesda seems to think their personal launcher is better than Steam. You’re not Epic, stay in your lane Bethesda.

Bethesda recently added RAGE 2 to their launcher making it available for pre-order now. RAGE 2 is currently in development between id Software and Avalanche Studios and was first announced at E3 2018.

As with most game releases, there are a number of different packages to think about getting. The Deluxe Edition comes jam packed with extras, ranging from the Rise of the Ghosts expansion, the Wasteland Wizard cheat codes, Doom’s BFG, a Battle Standard and progress booster. Fans purchasing the aforementioned edition will also receive the pre-order bonuses which include the Cult of Death God mission, the Nicholas Raine Armor set, the Settler Pistol, and the Mutant Monster Truck Skin. The Deluxe Edition will be $79.99.

RAGE 2 Collector's Edition

While all of that content certainly makes the extra $20 seem worth it, it wouldn’t be a reach to assume fans will be a bit apprehensive about purchasing anything with Bethesda’s brand slapped on it, especially if they’re buying RAGE 2 from their launcher. When fan’s put in requests for refunds through the Bethesda Launcher for Fallout 76 their initial approval was later, and rather rudely, denied, which led to some potential legal actions being taken. Others, who chose to give Fallout 76 a chance, have been slapped with wave after wave of technical issues making their latest purchase borderline un-playable. Oh, and lets not forget the fact that Bethesda, among all of this, also accidentally leaked a bunch of customer information through their ticket system. But sure, lets throw another title on the launcher to see if history repeats itself.

You have to give it to Bethesda though, because even after all of this they’re still pushing ahead with all of the confidence they can muster. Of course, PC players that want RAGE 2 on their PC’s have a singular option, buy RAGE 2 through the Bethesda Launcher or don’t play it on your PC. It is yet to be determined if this ultimatum will pay off in Bethesda’s favor, but personally, it would be nice to see them bitch slapped with some hard truth by way of people not purchasing Rage 2 through their bugged launcher.

There is always the other option, however. Fans who want to get their hands on RAGE 2 can purchase a PS4 or Xbox copy at any participating retailer. They probably have much better return policies and at least you know what you’re paying for.

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