Well we said they were coming, and now they are here — how’s that for follow through? It way have taken a month, but the first of Razer’s dedicated peripherals are beginning to appear on the market since their partnership with Xbox was announced.

The new and improved Razer Turret (say that two times quick without saying the word laser, go on — I couldn’t) wireless keyboard and mouse have been specially redesigned with the Xbox One in mind following Microsoft’s update in November which allowed keyboard and mouse support for the first time.

So what is so good about this particular set of Razer goodies I hear those of you unimpressed with the brand name itself asking; the newly re-designed keyboard is fully mechanical, has fully customizable RGB lighting per key with Razer Chroma — which works with Xbox Dynamic Lighting to make your gaming experience more immersive, a dedicated Xbox button for direct control of your Xbox One, and has a slide out mouse mat — and I won’t lie, it just about my favorite part — but I’d also no doubt break it off easily…

Razer Turret Xbox One Keyboard and Mouse

The Turret mouse has also seen a few upgrades with a 5G optical sensor and Razer’s Mechanical Mouse switches, which are rated up to 50 million clicks. Both mouse and keyboard are designed for fast professional players and both run off a single 2.4GHz dongle… which frankly is always a huge selling point when done right. When space is limited, compact design is always appreciated.

In terms of aesthetic style, this is what we expect to see from Razer but I can’t help but be intrigued by the design of the keyboard. It’s like a thick plank with floating keys, but I oddly like it. You may like it too, but what I bet you won’t like so much is the price which is $249.99, near enough the same price as an entirely new Xbox One when it’s on sale. But the set does work on both Xbox and PC… so it has that going of it at least. You can get it here, if you are so inclined.

Razer Turret Xbox One Keyboard and Mouse

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