Salad Fingers is making a comeback as creator celebrates hitting one million followers on YouTube with a new video.

It’s often surprising to think just how far the Internet has come since its early days. Bebo, Limewire & MySpace are all remembered fondly by those of us (un)fortunate enough to deal with the days of dial-up internet services but ultimately they faded from the collective conscious as time has moved on and the internet has advanced.

Similarly, David Firth is a name that may mean very little to most. A Doncaster based animator, musician, writer & actor, Firth was something of an internet celebrity during the early 2000’s, one that has since faded into relative obscurity. However, though you may not recognize the name, it’s almost certain that you know of the man’s work.

Firth began to enjoy mainstream success through his surreal and disturbing work via the Newgrounds site, creating characters like ‘Spoilsbury’, ‘Toast Boy’, ‘Burnt Face Man’ and ‘Sock’ which amused and horrified in equal measure. However, Firth became recognized internationally with one character in particular, a tall, wiry, green, slack-jawed horror known distressingly as ‘Salad Fingers’. Episodes of the flash cartoon would see the eponymous hero express his love of rusty spoons, or alternatively, introduce his finger-puppet friends Hubert Cumberdale, Marjory Stewart-Baxter, and Jeremy Fisher.

It was always pretty disturbing stuff. But wait! ‘What if I missed out on these wonderful time-capsules of despair?’, I hear you cry. Do not fear, the legendary green one has reappeared via Firth’s Twitter page in response to his 1 million subscriber milestone. Though the cartoon is only brief – mercifully so – this could, in fact, signal a full return for the character after his 14-year hiatus. Firth has suggested that with more subscribers he might be inclined to continue the twisted adventures of his most-troubled character. We’re unsure if we want more or less, the new video can be found here:

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