Shonen Jump magazine’s online services will be dropping considerably in price for Americans this month.

From December 17 on, the price to access the newest manga chapters of beloved series and access almost all of Shonen Jump‘s back catalog of translated titles drops to $1.99 a month. This is a dollar less than the current subscription rate.

Even non-members will benefit: though they won’t be able to access back issues, they will be able to stay up to date with the latest chapters of popular series on Shonen Jump‘s website and app. These chapters will appear on the app in English on the same day they hit the shelves in Japan.

Starting December 17, free seven-day trials of the paid plans will be available as well. These trial subscriptions do not appear to give users access to the whole catalog, and limit readers to 100 chapters of manga per day.

These changes were explained in a tweet that had a video from Hisashi Sasaki attached to it. He noted that readership increased when new chapters of series were posted for free online. He also assured potential users that the new Shonen Jump will be “legitimate, authentic, and safe.” More information about the app can be found on VIZ’s site.

You may watch VIZ’s trailer for the app below:

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The app will be available to all tiers of users on both Apple and Android systems upon its December 17 release. Which manga series will you be catching up on?

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