Disney is reportedly developing Sister Act 3 for its upcoming streaming service, Disney+, though it’s not quite music to our ears.

Disney is continuing to build upon its roster of iconic films and brands on its upcoming streaming service, Disney+. In addition to it’s already huge planned announcements of original series, including Marvel and Star Wars TV shows, it is now going to be home to Sister Act 3. Although it won’t feature the series’ main star, it is reported that the legendary Whoopi Goldberg will have no in involvement in the new sequel.

Whoopi Goldberg had mentioned a few months ago when she was quizzed on the subject during an interview that Disney were moving in a new direction with Sister Act 3 and that she probably would have little to no involvement at all. I’m sure after hearing this that many of you may have become slightly worried due to the fact that this film became truly successful due to the performance of the main star of the film and a good support cast to help carry the rest. As well as a few catchy songs to round off the family friendly element.

The original movie made over $230 million at the global box office making it quite the success for what it was at the time. It was then followed by it’s mild successor Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit. Disney have already made note that this film will also not be a continuation of the previous films so I imagine we can expect a soft reboot of the franchise in the form of an all new main star and supporting cast.

Sister Act starring Whoopi goldberg

Entertainment Weekly have also informed us that the new film will join the streaming service in late 2019. There is no news on a release date for the new Sister Act film but I can imagine it won’t be too far down the line after Disney have launched Disney+.

What are your thoughts on the this latest development of a new Sister Act film? Do you agree with an all new cast to set the stage or do you feel as though without the classic characters that the movie won’t be the same? Sound off below in the comments and let us know your thoughts!

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