Everyone’s favourite 80s nostalgia fest, Stranger Things is returning next year, and there has been a hint at who might be featured as villains in the next series.

Now, yes, we all know that the main antagonist will undoubtedly be more of the barely explained twisted denizens of the ‘upside down’, but Stranger Things has been chocked full of human villains too. Season 1 had the nebulous government conspiracy and schoolyard bullies, while Season 2 had the writing team. Who will provide a human face to evil in Season 3?

Well, the cast list on IMDb listed several minor cast-members as ‘Russian guard’ and ‘Russian Goon’, causing many to theorize that everyone’s favourite 80s dirty commie villains, the USSR, will be back. The last season seemed to hint at this possible development, with the mad conspiracy theorist believing that the KGB were behind many of the strange goings on in Hawkins. It seems that he shall soon be proven right, assuming that these IMDb lists are correct.

Of course, IMDb can be edited by anyone, so we should take all this with a pinch of salt. Shortly after a Reddit user noticed these listings, the character names were changed to remove the word ‘Russian’ from them. 

Stranger Things Season 2 Production Still

So will the champions of the Russian proletariat really be in Season 3? Nobody knows for sure, though with the show’s love of 80s nostalgia, I am pretty confident in saying that they will milk the Cold War for all it’s worth.

And in a world of growing political tension between the East and West, who doesn’t love portraying Russians as one dimensional bad guys again? The news cycle certainly does.

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