One half of the creative force behind indie masterpiece Super Meat Boy has confirmed in an interview with VideoGamer that the duo won’t be collaborating together anytime soon.

Tommy Refenes also stated that this separation isn’t a result of a falling out between the pair, just a diverging of paths as time has gone on. Refenes hopes that this division serves as a good thing, that it will “bring more and better games to the fans while keeping us both happy with the work we’re doing”.

There’s certainly at least some truth in Tommy’s words since his former partner Edmund McMillen has been responsible for the great coupling of The Binding of Isaac and The End is Nigh since Meat Boy’s initial release; both of which Refenes has publicly come out as a fan of.

Refenes himself is currently working on the highly anticipated sequel to the 2010 classic, titled Super Meat Boy Forever, set for release this year. However, the title was meant to only be a three-month project when it was originally conceived in 2014, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the game was pushed back even further to next year, seeing as we’re already well into December and haven’t heard any more news on the follow-up.

It’s a real shame that these two won’t collaborate again, the understanding they shared as a team was evident in the superb Indie Game: The Movie and the results we received in Meat Boy speak for themselves. Hopefully, Refenes prophecy is realized and we see equally as entertaining work from both himself and McMillen in the future.

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