There are hundreds of Spirit battles spread throughout Super Smash Bros. Ultimate‘s Adventure mode – World of Light. Those who’ve played far enough have discovered the truth: most of these battles are fun, but some of them are downright bullshit.

This guide is here to tell you how to game the system and get a leg up on some of Spirit Mode’s most notorious battles. We can’t promise you these are the quickest strategies, but they most certainly work, and they definitely make life a little easier – all without having to bump your game down to Easy mode.

Most of these strategies boil down to equipping the right Spirits. Does doing so equate to cheesing the game? Yeah, a little. But so what? You’re here to get over that hump, and we’re here to give you that push. Your secret’s safe with us.

This mini-guide contains some spoilers for World of Light and is intended for those who are returning to these Spirits for rematches. Read at your own peril!

Without further ado, here are a handful of Spirit Mode’s worst offenders:


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Rayman

Spirit: Rayman

Who you’re fighting: Sonic

Suggested fighters: If your main isn’t cutting it, try going slow or floaty – bulky fighters like Ganondorf/Bowser or superlight characters like Kirby/Jigglypuff are generally decent match-ups against Sonic.

The gimmick: The assist trophy, Sukapon, is an absolute sonofabitch. Sonic also has enhanced attack power. It is also a stamina battle.

What to equip: Assist Killer Support (Sheriff’s Spirit), Stamina Up Support (Bonus Fruit, Volleyball Player, or Kid Spirits)

Sheriff’s Spirit can be found in the Dark Forest area of World of Light, inside of a treasure chest at the upper left-hand corner of the map. For a freebie spirit, it is far and away one of the most useful for battles such as this, so try to grab it ASAP. Equipping it trivializes the presence of enemy Assist Trophies during Spirit Battles.

As for the fight itself, focus on attacking the Sukapon assist trophy first and foremost; once he’s out of the way, you’ve got a very jumpy Sonic to deal with. With a powerful enough Primary Spirit, you should be able to crank this one out quickly. At low stamina, Sonic will pull out his Final Smash. It won’t do too much damage, but simply crouching should help you avoid it.

Alternate strategy: equip a Spirit that grants the Rocket Belt item (like the Gyrowing Spirit) upon entering battle. Hop off the stage and wait for Sonic to give chase. Sometimes, he’ll just throw himself right out of the blast zone, but a well-timed downspike should work just as well. This one takes a little more skill, but hey, it’s an option.

The Boss

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Spirit The Boss

Spirit: The Boss (MGS3)

Who you’re fighting: Zero Suit Samus

Suggest fighters: Short and speedy are still decent counterpicks to Zero Suit Samus, as they were in SSB4. Pichu, Pikachu, and Diddy Kong all have projectiles that help keep her at bay. Snake is another option, with decent ranged game… and, let’s face it, it’s more thematic to the event itself.

The gimmick: The floor is deadly poison. REALLY deadly – as in, “Poison Resistance” Spirits aren’t as helpful as they might sound. Poison Immunity might cut it, but any chance to add a healing factor into a stamina battle is always the easiest path. Oh, and it’s a timed battle.

What to equip: Poison Heals (Madama Butterfly’s Spirit)

You can find Madama Butterfly’s spirit towards the tail end of the game, in the very last area – check closer to Dharkon’s side of the map. It is a 4-star powered Support Spirit that takes up 3 equip slots, so it will be the only one you’re able to take with you. The swiftness of it’s healing factor makes the trade-off worth it; just equip her to your most powerful 3-slotted Primary Spirit and watch that stamina rack itself back up. Don’t underestimate Zero Suit Samus’ abilities though, you’ll still want to bring the strongest Primary Spirit available to you if you want to stand a chance.

Madama Butterfly can also be summoned, but comes at the price of some pretty useful core Spirits. Patience is a virtue, but it’s one you’ll have to maintain until just about endgame if you want an easy rematch. If you really can’t wait, you can try to use Sakura’s Support Spirit, which imbues your fighter with Poison Immunity – it’s not quite as useful, but with enough skill you might be able to make it work.

Dr. Wily

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Dr Wily

Spirit: Dr. Wily

Who you’re fighting: Mega Man (Metal) + Dr. Mario

Suggested fighters: With so many fighters to get through – and only so much stamina – you’re probably going to want some way to heal. Lucas’ Down-B is a godsend thanks to Mega Man’s projectiles – stand at the stage’s edge and let them fire away whenever things get dicey. But you’re here to really cheese this battle, right? Try Captain Falcon + Side-B + Metal Killer. You’re welcome.

The gimmick: There’s a shitload of Megamen, and they don’t stop coming. Also, they’re made of metal. And don’t forget Dr. Mario!

What to equip: Metal Killer (Big Boss’ Spirit or Viridi’s Support Spirit)

Earlier on in your adventure, Dr. Wily might be one of the worst battles you encounter. A 4-star spirit, with a seemingly endless army of Mega Man clones. The Spirit used in this strategy, Big Boss, requires leveling up the Naked Snake Spirit to level 99, so… it’s probably the most costly strategies on this list, but worth it if you really can’t get through those clones. If you can find cheaper, easier access to Metal Killer, go ahead and take it – Big Boss just happens to serve as an extremely powerful Spirit with a great skill attached. As for the actual fight itself, spamming Captain Falcon’s Side-B is quick, dirty, cheesy, and super effective.

A more “budget” option is the Viridi Spirit, who only takes up two Support slots and allows you to use whichever Primary Spirit you want. Viridi’s fight is difficult in and of itself, however, so there’s really no easy path to Dr. Wily.


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Ashley

Spirit: Ashley

Who you’re fighting: Ridley

Suggested fighters: Players choice on this one. This is a matter of equipping the right Spirit – beyond that, it’s a pretty average battle. Anyone quicker than Ridley does well: Bayonetta, Zero Suit Samus, or Captain Falcon make quick work of him.

The gimmick: Your controls will occasionally reverse. Ashley’s assist trophy appears to help Ridley out. You’re also fighting on the WarioWare map, where quicktime mini-games will occasionally pop-up; messing these up results in status changes (playing them correctly will result in positive status effects)

What to equip: Irreversible Controls (Roy Campbell’s Spirit, Aparoid Spirit, or Lubba Spirit)

You can find Roy Campbell relatively close to Ashley’s spirit, at the southern entrance of the same city area. Equipping him will take away the screen-flip effect and make fighting Ridley a breeze. There are a number of spirits who have the Irreversible Controls ability, so you’re bound to have a couple if you’re coming back to this in either New Game+ or later on in your initial adventure. Once you have this ability equipped, everything about this battle is pretty much negated – just get through the fight, and Ashley’s 4-star spirit is yours.

Giga Mac

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate GIGA Mac

Spirit: Giga Mac

Who you’re fighting: Little Mac (Giant)

Suggested fighters: I had decent luck using my own Little Mac on this map, but you might need to experiment a bit with whoever you’re most comfortable with in a face-to-face, no-throws sort of match-up. The usual anti-Mac strategy doesn’t quite fly in this arena, so tossing him off stage isn’t really an option. You can try characters that have grabby-grappling moves to neuter some of Mac’s quicker movements – Ridley and Incineroar both help mop the boxing ring floor with their Side-B.

The gimmick: He’s giant, he has super armor, and it’s a stamina battle. On top of that, the Punch-Out!! stage makes it easy for him to quickly beat your ass against the ropes.

What to equip: Giant Killer (Dracula’s Spirit, Soma Cruz’ Spirit)

Dracula’s Spirit is, unsurprisingly, found at the end of the Castlevania stage in World of Darkness. This one is another one where grinding it out for the right spirit will considerably help with this one specific match. Granted, there are a number of “Giant” battles, but this match is far and away the #1 reason for going out of your way to get Dracula. He’s a decent Spirit regardless of his very useful ability, and that portion of World of Dark is quite possibly one of the most rewarding segments – not to mention, it’s probably in your possession if you’ve gotten to Giga Mac’s battle. Beyond this, it’s up to your own skill to take Mac down.


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Pauline

Spirit: Pauline

Who you’re fighting: Donkey Kong, Mario, and Peach

Suggested Fighters: I like King K. Rool for this map, due to his difficulty to launch (in case Mario gets you with his hammer), as well as his decent Up-B recovery/mobility. With this strategy, hopefully, you won’t need to do too much moving around, though.

The gimmick: You are made to chase one of the floatiest characters around one of the biggest, most obnoxious maps (75m), all while avoiding a hammer-wielding Mario and a pissed-off Donkey Kong. If this doesn’t sound so bad, just go give it a shot, because this Spirit Battle is downright criminal without the right strategy.

What to equip: Staff Equip (Centurion Spirit, Cupid Spirit), + any Spirit that boosts Attack Power EDIT: (and any spirit that equips the Franklin Badge – thanks to commenter A Porkchop for the tip!)

Both the Centurion and Cupid are 1-star novice level Spirits that start you off with the Staff item equipped. Both Spirits are easy to find in the World of Light map. The Staff item allows you to attack distant targets, with the benefit of doing more damage the further you are from the character you’re attacking. On a map like this, with a character who is constantly trying to avoid fighting, it’s easy to take them out with around 3 good shots from the Staff. This is the easiest, cheesiest way of taking out Peach and scoring Pauline’s Spirit. Without it, you’re gonna spend all night running up and down those damn ladders. I mean, you COULD just give chase, but that’s not what you’re here for.

These are only a handful of Adventure Mode’s godawful attempts at driving players crazy. Of course, Ultimate is a game with plenty of options, so there might be even more effective ways of taking down these Spirits – and there most certainly are more out there that are blocking players from all of Adventure mode’s sweet, sweet rewards. This list is far from definitive, so let us know in the comments if these strategies helped, and if there are any other Spirits haunting your progress through the World of Light!

Oh, and if you’re struggling with the basics, we’ve got this little guide too.

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Can't find roy campbell



A Porkchop
A Porkchop

Very useful. A minor correction though: In the Pauline battle it is donkey Kong, not Bowser. Also a Franklin badge spirit can be a massive help in the Dr wily battle.


Where does one find a centurion spirit? I may or may not have thrown out my cupid because I'm stupid….


Thank you for this! I was having so much trouble with Sonic but using Kirby with lightweight I just floated off the stage and let Sonic kill himself :) it actually takes much less skill than fighting him.


Against doctor wily, use Lucas or Ness to absorb the mega man projectiles. Also use viridi to counter metal (she takes up 1 slot not 2 btw)

Giga Mike
Giga Mike

Beat Giga Mac by mostly just jumping on the rope and pressing A. On top of an easy win, items will actually fall in the ring. Got an Urchin and a fire sword.

Giga Mike
Giga Mike

Also used Kirby.