For many, the annual SyFy New Years’ Twilight Zone marathon is a yearly tradition. The SyFy channel has released the marathon schedule, so you’ll be able to plan which episodes to catch!

The marathon actually began on December 30, at about six minutes before 11 PM, and runs through to Jan 2 at 6:30 AM. Unlike with past years, there will be no breaks for ad time in the late hours of the night or early hours of the morning. That’s about 113 episodes of mid-century sci-fi, suspense, and mystery! Not bad for a series that clocks in at 156 episodes!

You can view the full schedule here, or on SyFy’s schedule listings here. If you don’t get the SyFy channel, both Netflix and Hulu have the original series available for streaming.

“Third From the Sun” is considered a classic sci-fi episode of the series. It follows several people intent on escaping a doomed planet before nuclear war is initiated.

If you’re new to the series–or you’re wondering which new-to-you episodes to catch–you can check out our recommendations for horror-based Twilight Zone episodes, and recommendations for ten great episodes in general that are worth a watch.

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