There’s a perfect LARP for everyone, it’s just a matter of finding it. Below are a number of systems that I have encountered through other players attending, but you can find more on LARP Events and LARP Pages.

When looking on LARP events, make sure to check whether the LARP is still active by seeing if they have new events planned and an active Facebook page – Facebook is the most prominent platform for LARPS to be set up on.

In truth, most LARPs that I’ve encountered have all been through word of mouth. Once you go to one LARP, you’re guaranteed to encounter endless others just through the people you meet.

I want to avoid turning this section into a directory, so these groups are ones that I have attended and been recommended in the past and know good things of. Like any gathering of people though, it’s always good to be aware that just because it works for me or those I know, doesn’t mean it will for everyone! Go with open eyes and enjoy the moment!

Empire LARP Event
Empire. Photo by Beth Dooner.



Clans of Albion is a high fantasy LARP based in Northamptonshire. It is about how the six clans of Albion work together (or separately), navigating the mortal realm and the creatures that inhabit it. It is a politically charged game, filled with personal plot and some excellent combat.

Events 1 and 4 are Friday to Sunday. Events 2 and 3 have a social on Friday night and the game runs Saturday to Sunday.


Curious Pastimes is the system I’ll be prattling on about the most in these features. CP is a high fantasy setting based in a fictional world of magic and monsters. You are part of a war host that gathers four times a year to do battle against the world’s enemies. Within that war host, you can be a member of one of the eight great factions, reflective of the varying cultures across the continent.

CP events are usually at Paccar Scout camp and a location in the North West, currently, Huntley Wood, taking place over two to four days, four times a year with separate faction events in between or after the main series of events. At first and fourth event, there is a social day on Thursday.


Empire is a high fantasy system and one of the largest groups in the UK. You join The Empire, a group at war, and you are part of one of the nine nations that come together at Anvil throughout the year. Here, you are challenged to lead the Empire to victory over its enemies.

Empire runs four times a year at Silverstone.


Exiled is brand new to the LARP scene and is currently an evolving game with each event. If you are willing to try something more experimental, Exiled is a great shout. You are an unfortunate soul who has washed up on the island of Carmoa, land of miscreants, pirates and those who strayed too far into the rumbling expanse of the high seas. The gods walk amongst mortals and the creatures from the depths constantly terrorize the ne’er do wells of Carmoa. What would you do to survive?

Exiled is an 18+ group and currently runs twice a year at Kinver Scout Camp from Friday to Sunday.

Guild of Darkness LARP event
Guild of Darkness. Photo by Phil Monk.

Horror/Modern Fantasy


Insomnia is not for the faint of heart. It is a small scale system that aims to be as immersive as possible and is only for those aged 18 and over. This system pushes you to truly survive in a horrific world, to the point where you may find yourself without sleep, food or drink if you’re unable to find it. You start with simply the clothes on your back, the rest is up to you. Those I know who have crewed and attended this LARP have said that it is an intense but incredible experience, for those bold enough for a unique challenge, definitely check it out!

Insomnia is based in Portsmouth and runs once a year, but understandably sells out fast. Keep a close eye on tickets if you’re interested!


Vampires are real. Ghosts are real. Werewolves are real. How is your average joe human cop supposed to deal with those potential threats? You are part of the Guild of Darkness; trained professionals of all species and abilities who act as supernatural law enforcement to combat this very thing.

Guild of Darkness is a small scale LARP that runs in various locations throughout the UK.


Interested more in political intrigue and charisma over fighting and shooting? Consider looking into events run by Isles of Darkness. This system is set in the World of Darkness and runs Changeling: The Lost, Mage: The Awakening, Vampire: The Requiem and Werewolf: The Forsaken. Isles of Darkness is a society that takes a membership fee, but you can obtain a free trial of six months to give the game a go and see if it’s right for you.

Isles of Darkness run games every month across the UK in a number of locations. Check their website for more details.

Green Cloaks. Photo by Peter Scott.



In this alternate reality, running parallel to our own, superpowers are real. Mutants, aliens, and creatures from the ether walk the earth alongside humans. You are one of these meta-types, using your powers for the forces of good in order to protect the world from threats and those who would use their powers for evil. The theme of the game is very much asking ‘what would happen if superheroes existed today’? The world doesn’t suddenly become a dark and gritty place, but nor does it turn page to a glossy page from a comic book. Future’s End roots itself in realistic expectation of what the world may be like.

Future’s End has finished their sixth event last October, with more to come in 2019.


Welcome to the Novus Sector. You are a member of the vanguard of the Terran Sovereignty Army. As a Green Cloak, you will face challenges both political and in battle. The choices you make will impact all of the Sovereignty, but it isn’t so simple to protect your home when you’re in a less than hospitable galaxy.

Green Cloaks is a NERF-based LARP system with four main events running April-August in 2019.


Tales from the Tenements is a unique non-linear cyberpunk LARP focusing on character development and a focus on the overall collaborative experience for all players. The system is stripped back, with minimal mechanics; that means no skills to pick from, you are what you are. The aim of this is so that players can focus more on story and development, rather than what skills you can make use of. The use of a non-linear system means that the story may not follow from one event to the next.

T67 is a non-linear cyberpunk LARP. The next event will be running March 2019.



You set sail from a location in the real world (London, for example) and ended up here. Where is here exactly? Unfortunately, you’re off the map, just past the area that would traditionally be marked ‘here be dragons’! Unless briefed otherwise (and you may well be!), you’ll be washed up on the island of Salvation in the area around Logan’s Bay – a shipwrecked survivor of a ship called ‘The Heron’. How will you make your way through Salvation?

Buccaneers of the Damned is a pirate LARP that runs once a year in Hampshire.


Norsemen Sagas is a historical system based in the period where Vikings have returned from England, but the world is collapsing. Even the King has been tainted by the treachery of the Christ. The Yawlung have stood at the abyss and witnessed the ravaging of Urtgan by Jarl Herrolfeng and his sworn Christian brethren. The traitor King Finehair has proclaimed the Yawlung traitors to the crown, accusing them of treason and conspiracy to overthrow his rule. You are one of the Yawlung, and it is up to you and your peoples to decide what must be done.

Norsemen Sagas runs twice a year in Hampshire. It is also run by the same group who run Buccaneers of the Damned.


Perhaps Pirates and Vikings aren’t quite your thing but fear not. There are other options before you as well. You may possibly see yourself fit in more in the Regency era, in a Jane Austen style setting with a dash of occultism? Strange LRP caters just to this, and have designed their rules specifically with new players in mind.

The next Strange LRP will be running 4th-9th October 2019.

That’s it for now! In the future, as more LARPs get recommended to me I can add them to this list. However, I do not want this to turn in to a new directory. Groups appearing here will be by personal recommendations only. Feel free to add your own groups in the comments!


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