Legendary Entertainment, the studio behind the latest Godzilla and King Kong films, and the upcoming Detective Pikachu is revamping a cult-classic, Troma Films’ The Toxic Avenger.

Troma founders, Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz, are set to serve as producers for the new film.

The original, released back in 1984, chronicled the adventures of Melvin Ferd (Mark Torgl), a health club janitor who falls into toxic waste following a chase by bullies. Melvin is rendered horrendous in appearance but has also been gifted with superhuman size and strength.

Rumors of a new film have been circulating for a while now. Granted, the property is quite popular, considering it has spawned three sequels, a cartoon, comic book(s) from Marvel, and a stage musical.

Lloyd Kaufman was previously interviewed about a fifth film after a completed script had been turned in. As was typical, the film had a modest budget (of $100,000) and supposedly focused on “Toxie’s” grown-up children, with Kaufman saying, “This is a very ambitious Toxic Avenger movie,” Kaufman told SFX magazine earlier this year. “The script is complete, and it will focus on Toxie’s two children who, 20 years after part four, have all grown up. And one has mutated into a very strange being. Toxie is going to go to Chernobyl in this one. It will cost just $100,000 – but I think it is the best one yet.”

The now-reported reboot is still without a writer and/or director, but should not struggle to find plenty of capable candidates.

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