One of Ubisoft’s most successfully addictive series, Far Cry, has taken us from jungles and beaches to snowy mountains and even to a tiny town ruled by a crazy cult.

Releasing a very short teaser video in time for the Game Awards, it looks like the Far Cry series is taking us to the future – and a bleak looking one at that. Imagining the Far Cry series as a post-nuclear apocalyptic shooter with mismatched armor and thrown together weapons sounds like a good time and an awesome addition to this diverse series but –

Speaking of one such crazy cult, this depiction of a fallout in Montana sounds awfully familiar to a certain someone’s prophecy if you’ve made it to the end of Far Cry 5. So the really interesting question is, will this new Far Cry be a standalone game or a continuation of Far Cry 5? Only time will tell and thankfully the wait won’t be too long as Game Awards is happening today!

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Stay tuned for further info!

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