Things go all kinds of Jurassic as Saban dusts off an old fossil by bringing dinosaurs back to the Power Rangers fold as the Neo Saban era charges forward. Meanwhile, in Japan, Super Sentai had spent a few years appealing to its older audience, having lost their share of the toy market.

This meant a drastic u-turn in tone and themes. The grown-up vibe was scrapped and replaced with childlike whimsy. Did it really affect Power Rangers? Well, it’s always been aimed at kids and the nostalgia train keeps racing forward. So I guess, no, not really.

So with a larger than usual roster, let’s see what facts occur for the Dino Charge Rangers also partially known as Tyler, Chase, Joda, Riley, Shelby, and co. got up to.

The Third Power Rangers Show with a Dinosaur Theme

That’s right, it’s technically a trilogy. That is if trilogies were loosely connected and didn’t really carry any characters or story themes forward.

If only there was some crossover that connected all three franchises somehow and incorporated two different generations of viewers…

An Unadapted Crossover Happened

Yep, that’s right a crossover happened in the Sentai which bought together the Red Rangers from Mighty Morphin and Dino Thunder.

Three different eras could’ve teamed up to show how much the franchise had changed over the years. Don’t get that excited. It didn’t happen and could have something to do with a later fact. So now you can keep reading.

This Season Used Gun Morphers

Well, I say gun morphers, that’s kind of a half-truth.

The rangers used what more looked like a Nerf Gun to morph. It probably upset one of the many outrage mobs in society but there so go.

At least it’s not another set of mobile phone morphers…

The season is set in another universe

Maybe that’s why the cool team-up never happened.

It is a bit of a head-scratcher why this season is set in another universe as it’s not a huge divergent like Power Rangers RPM where the setting is so different from real life.

Have I missed any cool facts out? Let us know in the comments!

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