The Dino Charged Power Rangers are back with a second season which sees the Neo Saban era try to tread the line between two fanbases.

The two fanbases were talking about consist of the adult fans; people who’ve been watching the show since they were kids and have even delved into Super Sentai. Then, of course, you’ve got the kid fans who just want to watch something on a Saturday afternoon.

I guess you could some up the Neo Saban era as a balancing act between satisfying both fanbases.

That’s why you’ve got the Rangers drenched in Pop Culture with their trendy hobbies and clothes and then all of a sudden a Ranger from 20 years pops up. With that in mind as were nearly halfway through the era, let’s see what Tyler, Chase, Joda, Riley, Shelby, and Co. got up to this season.

This season skipped a Sentai Adaptation

Ever since the conception of the show, the adaptations of Super Sentai have been chronological. Though it looks like Saban decided to pull a criss-cross with Super Dino Charge as they decided not to adapt Go-Busters, well not until 2019 anyways.

It looks like the lukewarm reception to Go-Busters in Japan wasn’t the deal breaker everyone thought it was.

The first 10 ranger team

We’ve had 3, 5, and 6 Ranger teams and Dino Super Charge revved up the roster and went for a team of 10. That’s right, ten Power Rangers.

As if it wasn’t hard enough to collect five rangers in action figure form already.

The First Neo Saban Era Season to not have a team up

The Megaforce Rangers could be considered overpowered since they have 20 years of previous Power Rangers they can turn into, so how would a crossover work?

Turns out Saban didn’t want to use my idea from the future for a team up between the Super Megaforce Rangers and Dino Super Charge gang and this was the first season to not have a Power Rangers team-up.

The First Ever Graphite Ranger to be featured

That’s right, Power Rangers had escaped the primary color wheel having used up all the colors in the world and are now being named after stones… My sarcastic joke rocked.

Have I missed any good facts? Let us know in the comments!

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