Ninja Steel is all about the sneaky death style for the Power Rangers as the Neo Saban era draws to a close with a new team of teens tasked with saving the world once again.

Though we’ve seen ninjas before, Super Sentai thought it would give it another whack as it coincided with the conclusion of the Naruto manga an affair about whacky and zany ninjas.

Maybe the theme was chosen to try and capitalize on the end of Naruto? Who knows? Maybe it was because Japan was pushing ninjas as one of its prongs in its weapon to push tourism internationally?

Either way, let us see what Tyler, Chase, Joda, Riley, Shelby, and Co. got up to as the Ninja Steel Rangers.

The Second Ninja Team In Power Rangers

That’s right since the extreme sk8r boi era of the early 2000s a ninja hasn’t graced the world of Power Rangers, that is until Ninja Steel turned up.

That being said, I thought I was making a clever joke there, about skating being dated and all, but skateboarding is actually featured in Ninja Steel…

Technically The Third Ninja Theme In Power Rangers

See I got you didn’t I? Like a true ninja, I used the art of deception to distract for a sneaky surprise attack.

That’s right since the footage from Alien Rangers actually came from a Ninja Sentai this is actually the third Ninja theme within the Power Rangers franchise. Though to suit the story it was repackaged as an alien-themed season.

The First Team With Three Red Rangers

I mean we’ve had teams of two red-colored rangers. The first was the Quantum Ranger and Timeforce Red from Power Rangers Timeforce, and then The Red Ninja Storm Ranger and the Crimson Thunder Ranger from Ninja Storm.

Ninja Steel outdid both but having three Red Rangers running around and unlike the above, they were all proper Red Rangers.

The First White Ranger of the Neo-Saban Era

You can’t keep the White Ranger Power Ranger down as Ninja Steel has it’s own White Ranger, could she beat Tommy in a fight? You never know…

Have I missed any cool facts out? Let us know in the comments

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