Things got mega last season with Power Rangers Megaforce, but now things are going to super, and if you’re not careful things are going to super duper mega and then we’ll all be in trouble.

Power Ranger fans in the know would’ve probably been looking forward to this season and it’s not because all Power Ranger fans are also massive Pirates of the Caribbean fans. No, it’s because of this seasons theme has loads of continuity dumped in it.

It’s also because this came around the time the Marvel Cinematic Universe kicked it up a notch and nostalgia became a big thing in pop culture. So strap for another season with Troy, Emma, Jake, Gia, Noah and, Orion.

The Season Celebrates the Franchises 20th Anniverary

That’s right, 2 decades of brightly colored superheroes battling evil at least once a year.

If you think about it though, if the Power Rangers had just been a little more awesome they wouldn’t have to come back every year to wipe out evil?

A Season Full of Previous Rangers

It’s not really an anniversary unless a few familiar faces show up and remind of years gone by, so of course, you had a bunch of previous rangers showing up.

You had Wes the Red Timeforce Ranger, the Green Lost Galaxy Ranger and of course the JDF and at this point, pretty much the unofficial brand ambassador of the show.

The Rangers can Turn into Previous Forms

Every year you get a new theme. We’ve had dinosaurs, vehicles, and even magic. This year to celebrate the milestone the Rangers received morphers that let them turn into previous incarnations of the rangers.

So if you really missed Mighty Morphin here’s your chance to see them again or if for some reason you wanted to see Power Rangers Turbo again…

Unadapted Sentais are used

Obviously, Super Sentai has been running since the 70s so a few seasons have not received adaptations… so how do you explain who these teams are in Power Rangers?

Easy, just say they come from different eras of whatever and let the Internet fill in the blanks.

Have I missed any facts out? Let me know the comments!

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