With the turn of the new year sees the gaming community come together as a whole for a good cause. Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQmakes an impactful return as we see them raise $2.39 million dollars for Prevent Cancer Foundation, bringing the organizations total-to-date over $19mil total raised across all their events.

It is said that there were over 46,000 individual donators, from organizations to just everyday people, with the single highest donation being $10,000, and nearly 200 individual donations over $1,000 also.

The week-long event didn’t just rack up impressive donations, however, they also managed to peak on Twitch with 223,000 concurrent viewers. Numbers I can only dream of. They also saw an attendance of 2,200 people in Rockville, Maryland, USA.

We always see a healthy variety of games at the event including staples to the Speedrunning category such as Super Mario and Sonic The Hedgehog. There was also some games of more recent releases and more unconventional games bossed at the event including (to name a few); Chip ‘N Dale: Rescue Rangers 2 and Guacamelee 2. So there was always something for someone throughout.

AGDQ Photo

AGDQ has been around since early 2010 and hosts 2 events every year, with the sister event being Summer Games Done Quick (SGDQ). The next time we will see this humbling gathering of highly calculated plays is still a mystery.

To check all the stats from the latest of the Games Done Quick Events click here. Did you tune in to AGDQ 2019, and if so, let us know what the highlight of the event was in your opinion.

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