Alien: Blackout, a new survival horror mobile game set in the Alien universe, has had its first trailer revealed.

The game stars Amanda Ripley, Ellen Ripley’s (Sigourney Weaver) daughter and protagonist of Alien: Isolation who also had an extremely brief appearance in the director’s cut of Aliens. Amanda Ripley and crew must survive in a crippled vessel as a xenomorph hunts her and her crew.

There are seven levels the crew must survive, with “increasingly challenging tasks using only the station’s emergency systems.” The system includes a holographic map, surveillance cameras, and motion trackers. The trailer appears to show Amanda using the holo map/motion tracking device.

Alien: Blackout Screenshot

The xenomorph’s and crew’s behavior is influenced by players’ decisions and the environment, so it appears as if gameplay experiences will be unique. There will also be multiple endings one can achieve based on in-game actions.

You can view the trailer for Alien: Blackout below:

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Alien: Blackout is currently available for preorder on iOS, Android, and the Amazon Appstore, and is slated for release January 24.

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