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Alita: Battle Angel actress Rosa Salazar has commented on her recent performance via motion capture whilst filming the epic, CGI heavy motion picture and it’s safe to say that she was pleasantly surprised by the outcome and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Whilst working with this new technology for the first time on the classic Manga adaptation, she responded whilst talking to SFX about how she thought the outcome of Alita looked and here’s what she had to say:

“I kept repeating, ‘That’s me!’ I didn’t know what to expect,” Salazar said. “When I saw how much of me they put into her, I was pleasantly shocked. And it was more than I could’ve ever imagined or dreamed of. It’s never been done.”

During my write up of a recent screening of Alita: Battle Angel, I agreed with Salazar as one of the key points I took away was how visually satisfying the main character looked and came across to the audience. Although heavily motion captured, she still felt very human and I couldn’t tell which character was CGI or practical effects.

I patiently await to see the reviews and how the general public will react to the film as a lot of great Japanese material adapted by Hollywood have been very lackluster, to say the least, as well as not given enough time and attention to detail. I hope for better from this next attempt and I feel it may be possible due to the moments I have seen from Alita.

Alita: Battle Angel will release in theaters on February 14, 2019 in the US and a summer 2019 release for the UK.

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