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It’s official, Anthem has gone gold! Revealing the surprising news on Twitter, lead producer of BioWare’s Anthem and Mass Effect series, Mike Gamble, had subtly announced the news in a simple tweet on his account, leading to many positive responses and congrats to the studio.

BioWare has also stated that during the VIP demo, which is available now, Anthem should be played with friends. They believe that the best experience you will get when playing is soaring through the skies with your allies, taking out insane bosses as a squad, completing difficult world events with companions, and exploring the world on the whole with a friend by your side.

So in light of this update, it’s nice to know that players in the VIP demo, who pre-ordered early, will be able to invite up to 3 friends to join them this weekend. All players need to do is:

  • Press return to the VIP demo page once the demo has launched, there will be a notification that you have additional codes to share with friends
  • Each additional “code” is actually a URL; you will share each distinct URL with the person who they want to get into the VIP demo
  • The recipient will click on the link, sign into their EA account, pick their platform and then they’ll have access to download and play the demo

In addition, the game’s social space has also been unveiled called The Launch Bay, which allows players to come together outside of the solo Fort Tarsis hub. You can check that out in the trailer below:

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Anthem will be out for PS4, Xbox One & PC on February 22, 2019.

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