In wake of a recent heated debate on Twitter, Mike Gamble, Anthem‘s lead producer, has responded to comments from persisting fans and troubling trolls by reinstating that the game will definitely have NO LOOT BOXES!

The recent spat came about when one Twitter user, in particular, began putting down the hard work of the developers by insisting that EA and the lead creators will go back on their promise to fans after the first reviews are out. They suggested that they’ll begin to add paid DLC and loot-boxes after the predicted good impressions the game will receive at release.

This follows the developer’s initial commitment to release all future content for Anthem for free. This was seen by Gamble, to which he responded:

The developers have insisted amongst doubters of the game time and time again that Anthem will indeed have NO loot-boxes added as it serves no purpose for the game to have them and that they want to be very transparent with their audience on this matter.

I can imagine the difficulty of having the countless mistakes of tyrant publisher EA looming over their heads and having to defend themselves from constant attackers. Now don’t hate me everyone, but in all honesty, if recent gameplay videos are anything to go by then I’d say the game looks decent for what they are aiming to do and should be given a chance at the very least. Though I do stand with the gaming community when it comes to EA and I will say to ‘proceed with caution’ on this matter.

Anthem is scheduled to release on PS4, Xbox One & PC on February 22, 2019.

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