This weekend I managed to get my hands on a spare code and had the opportunity to try out Anthem and experience BioWare’s new world with my own two eyes… when I could load into it of course.

When I wasn’t faced with loading screens that never seemed to load, I was very pleased with the customization on offer and just how much content they actually gave us in the demo. In terms of content, there were 3 story missions, 2 free-play areas, 1 stronghold, and the ability to use the forge to craft better powers and abilities as well as change the way your chosen Javelin looked.

The core gameplay mechanics felt strong and the flight controls were easy to get to grips with, which initially came as a worry as I wasn’t sure how friendly the controls would be. The ability to alter and change your powers and elements completely switched up the battle and kept the game feeling fresh, which is definitely a plus. The raid on the giant bug at the end also felt very satisfying and the layout felt different and thought out.

The variety of different creatures in Anthem like Titans, forest monsters, and different tiers of creatures within the factions you come across is immense and I think overall playing with your friends was a big highlight, seeing you all in action against these abominations was a great feeling to behold.

Anthem Screenshot

While I may be singing its praises, and for the most part Anthem has some interesting qualities, but is it good enough? Or just okay? I feel that the general consensus is that “how much higher can this game go, what more is there to do and how can it heighten our excitement.”

Maybe I was looking to scratch that Destiny itch (it’s leagues better than Destiny, I might add) which satisfied me for the most part and playing with my friends in a big open world was pretty awesome, but at the same time, will the forests be laid as bare as they were in the demo compared to the real game? How much more is there to actually do in Anthem? Will the story be interesting enough to carry me through to the end? And will the servers be just as atrocious on launch day as they were in the demo?

BioWare still needs to prove to us that this is the next game you need to play, but from this demo alone I don’t think it has done enough, as many are still sitting on the fence with it weighing out the good and the bad. I guess we can’t fully judge until launch day, but if they can pick up the slack when the public demo comes around this weekend and impress us further then maybe there’s a higher chance of intrigue amongst the gaming community.

Anthem is scheduled to release on PS4, Xbox One & PC on February 22, 2019.

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