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Studio Wildcard’s Grapeshot Games, the developer behind the pirate MMO, Atlas, has taken the game offline temporarily as players exploit the game beyond recognition.

Over the past couple of weeks, Grapeshot has been scrambling to stop exploits which have allowed players – or should I say one specific player group who go by the name of Black Butterfly – to spawn tanks, giant whales, airplanes, and more into Atlas.

Now it seems to have gotten completely out of control as Black Butterfly has spawned drakes as well as taken control of the in-game server messages. According to Grapeshot, this was due to an admin’s Steam account being “compromised” and are working on a fix.

After taking the server down and seemingly fixing the problems, things just went from bad to worse for the game as things continued to go awry as players continued to spawn drakes, giant whales, and more. There were also more server messages being pushed through which encouraged players to “Subscribe to Pewdiepie”.

Atlas Screenshot

Once again, Grapeshot took Atlas servers down to fix the issues rolling back the North American PvP server by around three hours. The developer attributed this wave of wrong-doings on a “technical exploit” and assuring that no accounts were compromised this time.

“The damage done was caused by a technical exploit which we have now protected against, no administrator accounts were compromised in this situation. We apologize for the inconvenience and we thank for your patience and understanding during this time,” the company wrote.

“In regards to action taken, multiple accounts have been banned in relation to this, by ourselves and BattlEye, though the evidence and our extensive logging indicates that this group does not have any specific ties to any one company, but are instead targeting streamers and large or well-known companies. We will continue our investigation and will take action on all involved accounts and companies when we learn of their involvement immediately.”

Following a pretty haltered start, where the game’s launch was repeatedly delayed, it seems things are just becoming even rockier for the developer. Here’s hoping they get it under control soon.

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