‘Tis the season of doing games quickly for charity with Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ)! This year we are treated to absolutely insane speedruns from 6 January until 13 January for 24 hours each day and the kind folks of the GDQ crew are collecting donations for the Prevent Cancer Foundation, as is usual for AGDQs.

Awesome Games Done Quick 2019 kicked off today by Vysuals with a True Ending No Major Glitches run of 2017 indie highlight Hollow Knight on PC and it was a bang! If you’ve missed it, there are VODs available on twitch already and I highly recommend you get in on the fun.

With the help of this handy schedule, you can check out when your favorite runs are going on and you can find the live stream right here.  If you’re even inclined to donate, that is also where you’ll find a handy button to do so and there are even prizes to be won by doing something good.

If you want to participate in chat you’ll have to subscribe to the Twitch channel, a move observed as controversial by parts of the community, but the revenue is being donated as well.

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