There isn’t much in the world that can really empower someone truly. Especially not in the same way that being thrust into a virtual tank can. This is what Battlezone Gold Edition can do for you. True empowerment.

Battlezone Gold Edition has been recently making the rounds across the gaming world, currently being introduced to all major consoles of the 21st century. The game series originally started back in the revolutionary era of arcades and was later remade for Windows in 1998 by Activision and eventually found its way over to the Nintendo 64 in 2000.

Battlezone Gold Edition thrusts you into a Tron-like world where a powerful A.I Core has gone rogue and is hell-bent on domination over your closed workspace intranet to so it can send out porn via your work e-mail, or something else equally malicious.

You must fight through hordes of enemies so that you can obliterate the Master Control Program from Tron is his bitching volcano lair! There aren’t enough volcano lairs in games today, just saying.

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Traversal throughout Battlezone Gold Edition is portrayed by selecting which levels to tackle through real-time strategy. The world map is always a procedurally generated world. Throughout you can find supply stations which allow you to trade out your weapons for stronger, more devastating ones. You can also stumble upon hidden caches of loot so that you can upgrade your tank so as to withstand the hordes of bright red enemies that come between you and your goal.

Not only is the world within Battlezone Gold Edition different for each playthrough, but the actual combat is too. This is thanks to the ever-evolving A.I. After every completed level or move on the overworld, the enemies slowly increase in strength and numbers. Sure this sounds like an obvious gloat that you are gonna die, and the game is going to make sure of that. Though in many levels you can, ahem, ‘hack’ into nodes which will instead decrease the power of enemies at the end instead. This helps tone up the unpredictability of the game.

On top of this, you can choose just how much time to dedicate to purely dominating a squadron of makebelieve tanks, leaving a lot of baby tanks without tank-dads. War is cruel. You can select the length of your campaign at one of 3 lengths. So, if you have a long journey ahead of you, then crack out your Nintendo Switch on the commute and save a pretend world from a pretend threat.

The varying campaign lengths of Battlezone Gold Edition is a very fitting feature for the Nintendo Switch thanks to the portability of the console. Therefore allowing you to pick and play with extreme ease no matter where you are or what you are doing.

Battlezone Gold Edition Screenshot

The combat in Battlezone Gold Edition is also compelling and very immersive. As mentioned earlier you have the ability to swap out and purchase new weapons for your tank, meaning that you can personalize your play-style, albeit with some restriction. Every level sees you dropped into a… Battlezone, where you must fight against the odds to kill anything colored communist. You need to swish your tank around like a wild thing as enemy numbers  can at times be fairly overwhelming.

Though as fun as doing the Nae-Nae with a tank can be, it does come with a glaring drawback. To avoid enemy fire you will require speed, which is granted to you through the LZ button of your controller, though doing so will drain your tank of its shield. This leads you to make on-the-fly decisions of whether sponging through enemy fire or dodging, ducking, dipping, diving and….dodging your way to the end.

I’m only going to touch on this lightly but a neat feature on the Switch version of Battlezone Gold Edition is during its handheld mode. By holding the L button on the Joycon and looking around physically with the console in front of you, thanks to the motion control, it allows you to look around the inside of the tank. I just had to share that little bit of wonderment as it was a really interesting novelty for a first-person game.

Battlezone Gold Edition does have a nice array of enemy types to take on. As expected you will primarily be facing off against a range of tanks similar to yourself. There aren’t really any surprises in what to expect however, tank units range from fast-but-weak to slow-but-brutal. This doesn’t really come as a shock, just more like an overly-aggressive eye roll. Though to really throw a spanner into the works, you will need to keep an eye above you, as a flock of flying units can be sent in to impede your progress like the constant battle between a man cleaning his car, and a pigeon with violent diarrhea.

Battlezone Gold Edition Screenshot

Like any good first-person shooter you have the classic trope of choosing your difficulty, and by god is there a difference. Playing on easy might make you feel more like a bad-ass as you cut through swathes of tanks like a hot knife through butter, but there isn’t anything in the way of rewards, except maybe honing your skills.

Once you crank it up to normal and higher, once you complete your campaign of destruction you unlock new tanks, skins, and modes to go through the game with. As expected the balancing of the tanks sways more in your favor as you gain either agility or health with minimal loss, whereas the base vehicles you start the game with disadvantage you heavily in either category unless selecting the stereotypical balanced model.


If you find that lonely mutilation of vibrant hunks of code isn’t your cup of tea, then you can always play online or local co-op. Now you can tackle the tirade of enemies with a friend because nothing says friendship like murder as a team. If you find that the A.I just isn’t challenging enough, then you can take on a team of players from around the world to prove your the best at being a virtual tank.

I must say that Battlezone Gold Edition is a fantastic inclusion in the Nintendo Switch’s large repertoire of titles. Thanks to its clearly inspired premise, fast-action gameplay, and literal unlimited replayability, it is an easy title to pick up and put down. It’s a game that doesn’t require too much time and dedication to thanks to not controlling like a stereotypical tank and 360-degree movement is achievable with ease.

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