Is there anything more frustrating than missing an Amiibo that has a limited release? Collectors and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players, Best Buy has got your back–and space on your shelf!

Best Buy will be rereleasing Charizard, Roy (Fire Emblem), and Player 2 (Advent Children) Cloud Strife Amiibos. Not only is it cool to have another shot at filling out your collection, but Roy and Player 2 Cloud were also Gamestop exclusives when they were originally released, so it may be more convenient to pick them up now if you’re a bit closer to a Best Buy. And if you’re not conveniently close to either, well, at least it will drive the Amiibo prices down on Amazon and eBay!

None of the Amiibos are available to purchase from Best Buy yet; all three will be hitting shelves on February 15 and no sooner. However, you can preorder the Amiibos on the Best Buy website now. You can check out Roy here, Charizard here, and Player 2 Cloud here.

Will you be grabbing one of these to add to your collection? Let us know in the comments below!

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