A shambling, rotting mess of its former self. Moving forwards only seeking to consume. Something living that should have stayed dead. Anyway, enough about the current state of the Ghostbusters franchise, let’s talk about Zombieland 2.

The film is, unsurprisingly, a sequel to Zombieland, a successful horror comedy movie that was a key part of the zombie revival, a movement we are now all sick to (un)death of. Now, both Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray have confirmed that they will be playing fictional versions of themselves in the sequel to the 2009 hit.

This makes me suspicious for a few reasons. Firstly, Bill Murray already turned up in the original Zombieland, and his appearance was easily the best section of the film. However, he was hilariously and unceremoniously killed by one of the main characters. His reappearance in the new film reeks of desperation to recapture the fun of the first one.

Presumably, he will just be a zombie this time around, but getting Bill Murray to stand around moaning incoherently seems like a waste, not to mention that it would just be a repeat of his cameos in Ghostbusters (2016). Secondly, the main reason Bill Murray’s presence worked was that it was a total surprise. Now that we know both he and Aykroyd will be appearing, it spoils the joke.

Bill Murray in Zombieland

Finally, the only reason Aykroyd is going to be in the film is that he was also in Ghostbusters. I once again smell the reek of desperation, and can imagine a frazzled, cocaine-fueled producer shouting ‘they liked one Ghostbuster. Just get another one!’ to a beleaguered temp.

I am hoping I am wrong, however. I really did enjoy the first Zombieland, but I am currently dreading its sequel. Still, perhaps there will still be some surprises waiting in store for us. Maybe they’ll get Ernie Hudson to jump out at us as well. Hell, get Harold Ramis in. You’d save a fortune on make-up.

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