Fans of Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones’ sci-fi anthology series, Black Mirror have been being spoiled as of late. Avid watchers were first treated to the behind-the-scenes book Inside Black Mirror back in November, a tome which offers even the most studious followers the chance to learn more about their favorite episodes and how they were successfully released, from concept through to production.

Additionally, there was also the surprise release of the interactive adventure episode, Bandersnatch, which arrived at the tale end of 2018 and served not only as an interesting means to turn the key themes of the show on their head but also act as a promising advertisement for the future of interactive television on the Netflix platform.

However, fans clamoring for additional content have bemoaned the fact that Bandersnatch has arrived on its lonesome, with no accompanying fifth season to be seen. Creator Charlie Brooker has now publicly acknowledged that having to construct the consequence pathways for Bandersnatch proved somewhat of a logistical challenge for production staff and it seems that this is the main reason for the delay.

In spite of this, Netflix have announced that the next sequential release of episodes will still occur in 2019, this comes alongside a number of interesting informational tidbits with filming taking place in Croydon and as far afield as Capetown (with Miley Cyrus, yes really).

In any case, it doesn’t seem like we’ll have to wait too long before diving back into the twisted universe imagined by Brooker & Co., there have even been suggestions that the content in season five may even be more broadly positive, the future is looking bright indeed. 

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