Anthem, the much-anticipated title from EA this year, has been steadily ramping up its exposure as the Beta period approaches and the game’s release date marches steadily closer. Continuing to fuel the furnaces on the hype train (Destination: Fort Tarsis) is another dazzling gameplay reveal from the official YouTube channel.

The newest gameplay reveal video shows off some new features, customization options, loadouts and, most importantly, story elements. The new video finally gives us our first look at who/what the villains of the story will be!

We are shown a man being exposed to the raw energy of the Anthem of Creation, held suspended in the air by it. Later we see another figure in a slick black, silver and yellow Javelin in a mysterious cave/ruin complex talking to our player’s pilot. Whether or not it’s the same man remains to be seen, but he appears once more standing amongst a group of other mysterious figures and who can only be a leader of some organization.

The Freelancers are made up of numerous factions, undoubtedly there are those amongst them who would strive to harness the Anthem in order to use its powers for their own purposes, seemingly like a “By any means…” kind of bunch.

Having briefly teased some of the bad guys the video moves into a more mechanics based look at the game, revealing a glimpse of the loadout menus and customisation options when it comes to outfitting your Javelin for action. The sleek, minimalist UI appears around a stunning 3D model of your chosen Javelin, showing the available options and their applicable hard points.

Anthem Screenshot

The video also sheds a little more detail on loadouts. Players will be able to save multiple loadouts specific to each of their different Javelin models, spec’d for whatever combat or support role they so desire. Thus far there is no cap mentioned on the number of possible loadouts that can be saved at any one time, but no doubt there’s enough slots available to log a different loadout for every conceivable mission. Anthem’s extensive customisation options allows for any number of loadouts and combinations, each can be saved with their own unique appearances for easier distinction.

We’re also treated to some more footage of the Ranger class Javelin in action. Compared to the others, the Ranger appears to be your “average-Joe” kind of exosuit. That being said it boasts some pretty impressive firepower in the form of various different grenades and ballistic projectile weapons. Jetting about the environment and bombarding your enemies with grenades and missiles reveals just how big an asset the Ranger can be to your team.

Not only do we see more of the Ranger’s capabilities, but we are also shown some unique ability combinations from the Colossus and, most impressively, the highly acrobatic Interceptor. With each Javelin having a selection of different combat abilities that can be swapped in and out at Fort Tarsis, players can combine their skills and abilities as they please to create a playstyle that best suits them!

Check out the full video below!

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Titled as part of a series, we can expect to see much more gameplay and content coming our way as the release date inches ever closer and Anthem captures more and more headlines! Most recently the “Loot Box” scandal has been shut down by producers, stating that they serve no purpose within Anthem.

Anthem is set for release Feb 22 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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