Treyarch has announced the next limited time mode (LTM) coming to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout mode, it’s called Ambush and it’s only knives and snipers.

There are two things I hate about Call of Duty, and that’s Snipers on multiplayer and one-hit-kill knives. So apparently Treyarch wants to really grind my gears by announcing Ambush, an LTM that has players sporting only knives and sniper rifles. Lovely.

This new mode will be coming at the end of the current LTM mode called Down But Not Out, a mode which brings respawning to Blackout in the game’s Quads mode. Ambush will apparently be available in both Quad, Duo, and Solo modes.

Another interesting addition to Ambush is that the collapsing circle won’t be appearing in stages, but will instead continuously shrink as time goes on making fast but silent kills a key part of its core gameplay.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout

Ambush was officially announced by Treyarch following a leak. The company responded saying:

“It’s true, Ambush is coming soon in Blackout as our next limited-time mode in Blackout—just not quite yet! Down But Not Out will be live for a couple of weeks on each platform, which started on PS4 earlier this week. We’re planning to launch Ambush into the wild immediately afterward, so enjoy the insanity of DBNO while it’s live and let us know what you think of the redeploy system while we put the finishing touches on what’s to come.”

Speaking of LTMs, Blackout’s Down But Not Out mode is now available to play on PC and Xbox One after a brief exclusive period on PlayStation 4.

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