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If you haven’t been living under a rock for two or three years, you’re probably well aware of Donald Trump’s desire to build a wall separating the United States and Mexico.

Some people support this choice, and have donated money to make it happen. However, there are also those who oppose. Cards Against Humanity is of the latter camp, and has been doing some fundraisers of their own to oppose the wall.

Thanks to “some” of the money raised, Cards Against Humanity was able to purchase a large plot of land on the US-Mexico border, and obtain a law team that’s ready for a potentially long legal process over the plot, should Trump ever get that far enough along in his project.

Cards Against Humanity has also provided us with a Medieval-style map of what the area may look like.

This isn’t all Cards Against Humanity is doing to drive a thorn into the current US administration’s side, however. They have also built a 30-foot trebuchet on the land, in response to the administration’s commitment to “using 12th-century military technology to protect our country from Mexican invaders.” Trebuchets were popular wall-destroying machines from the fourth century BC until about the thirteenth century, when widespread use of cannons rendered both trebuchets and castle walls obsolete.

The team has added that “for legal reasons” they are not threatening the US government and will not actually use the trebuchet on the wall, should it reach the plot of land and Medieval weaponry. They also mention that this is merely day one of five for big surprises regarding administration opposition.

For more information on Card Against Humanity‘s mission, you can check out their site for the projects and more resources here.

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