Hot off of Corsairs announcements from this years CES, we’ve been treated to a look at their brand new line of compact gaming desktops.

Hitting it right out of the park, Corsair has detailed the inner workings of their One Pro i180 Compact Workstation (might need a catchier name though, guys.) Boasting an Intel Core i9-9920X 12-core processor that hits a top clock speed of 4.5GHz, alongside an Nvidia RTX 2080Ti, meaning you’ll have access to those sweet, sweet resolutions that you’re longing for.

Set to be a 12 core, compact Corsair (try saying that 12 times), the workstation that’ll sweep the nation can also have 32GB of quad-channel Ram, a 2TB HDD for all those sweet games and a 960gb M.2 SSD for your operating system, making the One Pro a compact workstation that’ll be able to handle almost any task.

Corsair One screenshot

Obviously, no gaming PC is truly “gaming” if it doesn’t have some sweet RGB lights to make everything go that much faster, so Corsair has plonked some lights on and bundled it’s iCUE app so you have a modicum of control.

How much will the Corsair One Pro i180 Compact Workstation set an intrepid gamer back? Well, dear reader, you’ll have to pony up a staggering $4,999 for the compact companion.

If $4,999 is too much for you (let’s be real, that’s overkill), then Corsair also have a few other options for you, because Corsair created consumer choice. Okay, the alliteration is getting out of hand now.

The i160 and i140, priced at $3,599 and $2,999, could be the choice for the more frugal gamer. Both models have some redesigns on the case, as well as liquid cooling for the CPU and GPU. The i160’s packing an Intel Core i9-9900K processor and GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, while the i140 is playing with an Intel Core i7-9700K processor and GeForce RTX 2080. Could both machines smash pretty much anything on the highest settings? Yeah, pretty much.

The Corsair One Pro i180 workstation, as well as the i160 compact gaming pc is set to launch early on in 2019. If you can’t wait, then the One i140 is already available to order from Corsair’s website!

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