CES 2019 is in full swing and for all you tech-nerds out there, some impressive announcements have been made. Corsair‘s new method for delivering an all-around better RGB experience is just one of those stand out innovations.

Corsair showcased their new RGB LED tech during the show and it is a game changer when compared to what is currently available on the market. To put in the simplest of terms to truly show-off what Corsair has achieved; in the space where you could once only put 4 LED’s, Corsair has found a way to house one hundred of their Capellix lights. Are you starting to pick up what I’m putting down?

Corsair hasn’t just found a way to fit more LEDs though. On top of increasing real-estate, they have also made these LEDs a lot more efficient in every sense of the word. Their new Capellix LEDs will consume 40% less power, be 60% MORE power efficient AND 60% brighter. In regards to how they managed to save so much space, another size comparison for you. LEDs on the market now take up about 2.8mm cubed which is around the same size as a fingernail. Corsair’s innovative new Capellix LEDs have been reduced to an impressively small .2mm cubed which is comparable to the size of a pinpoint.

The possibilities these new strides allow are insane. While it opens the door for much fancier hardware in regards to a users mouse and keyboard, it also greatly increases power limitations with all-around better RAM. This is thanks to Corsairs first new product, the Dominator Platinum RGB memory stick which utilizes the Capellix LEDs.

This new memory stick has been overhauled to have much more aggressive timings which are only possible because of all the excess power the new LEDs provide. Basically, the energy they no longer need to use can be channeled into the memory stick allowing this faster RAM to happen. For those that like fancy numbers, these memory sticks will run at speeds of up to 4,800MHz AND will come with 12 individually addressable RGB LEDs per module. Basically, this will allow those that purchase a ton of Corsair lighting and fans to sync their cases interior lighting with extremely precise accuracy.

In an attempt to lock down Capellix as their manufacturing partner, Corsair pretty much bought their entire production line, giving them dominance over other gaming components and peripheral manufacturers. For the time being Corsair will easily have the nicest looking, all around efficiently better RGB LEDs on the market.

The best part? The Dominator Platinum RGB RAM sticks will be releasing this February 2019! Images of the LEDs and RAM can be found on RPS’s article.

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