Ubisoft’s long-running partnership with the Tom Clancy brand might be getting a new entry that isn’t The Division 2 if a mysterious video is anything to go by.

Fans do as fans do, and as such, some digging has discovered an interesting video linked to a company mentioned frequently in both Ghost Recon Wildlands and Rainbow Six Seige. Skell Technology. Some digging brought about the discovery of a website, and a whole host of speculation.

Visitors to the above website will be asked for a username and password. Clues from recent Wildlands content led to the site, as well as the username and password, “asantos” and “10068” respectively. Once logged in, a video from Ubisoft’s unlisted section begins to play, showcasing a fictional promotional video for Skell Technology.

The video features the founder of Skell Technology, Jack Skell, pitching the viewer autonomous machines intended to “free mankind of its tedious limitations.” But what does this mean for the Tom Clancy brand?

Well, as YouTuber Coreross points out, Skell Technology has been prevelant in Ghost Recon DLC’s linking to both Splinter Cell and Rainbow Six. It’s likely that if this is hinting at a new title, it’ll be for one of those franchises.

You can view the full Skell Technology video through Ubisoft below:

So what do you think Ubisoft is up to? New Splinter Cell? Rainbow Six? Perhaps even a Ghost Recon title? Let us know in the comments below!

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