On a short notice visit to China, Pokémon: Detective Pikachu’s Detective Pikachu himself, Ryan Reynolds, dropped a couple of hints about his upcoming movie, Deadpool 3.

According to Reynolds fans should brace themselves for a change of pace in the third film installment of one of Marvel’s raunchiest heroes, as the team is testing a vastly different approach for Deadpool 3.

In the character’s typical self-aware fashion, the Hollywood star remarked characters would get overhauls only way past the best by date, and apparently, Reynolds and his team don’t want their Deadpool to suffer the same fate.

What this will ultimately mean is subject to speculation for now. Mr. Reynolds’ visit to China was due to a surprising theatrical debut of Deadpool 2 in a heavily cut PG-13 version, all in accordance with China’s strict censorship laws. Let’s hope this is not a harbinger of a toned down Deadpool for the next installment.

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