Another trailer has dropped for the upcoming Detective Pikachu movie offering new dimensions and perspectives on very familiar characters and regions.

The latest teaser opens playing the 1967 pop-rock and trailer classic “Happy Together” by the Squirtles, sorry the Turtles. Although the Instagram exclusive trailer may not feature much new footage or reveal information but here’s what information we have caught.

Although Tim (Played by Justice Smith) and Detective Pikachu (Ryan Reynolds) are surely destined to become an unbeatable detective duo, their journey to friendship will be a wild adventure! The neon-streaked metropolis streets of Rhyme City, Kanto, are filled with Pokémon from across all of the known regions, this short trailer alone features a missing Pancham, a backpack Psyduck, a missing Squirtle, a battling Charizard, a police Snubbull and a group of nesting Pachirisu.

So far, Mr. Mime has been getting quite a bit of screen time in the released trailers. This time he is attempting to flee some unknown pursuers and is seen running on the spot, is this set before or after the interrogation scene depicted in the first trailer?

As in the 3DS title, the film is based on, Detective Pikachu is a fulltime coffee addict, but unlike the game, they go one step further by giving the electric mouse IBS, or perhaps the amnesiac electric type has learned a Poison-Type move?

Check out the trailer below, let us know if we have missed any Pokémon and stay tuned to n3rdabl3 for all your Pokémon news, reviews, and rumors!

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