D3 Publisher has announced the worldwide release date of Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain, the first time an EDF title has launched globally on the same day.

Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain is the latest entry into the long-running series in which players will be defending the earth from aliens – usually taking the form of gigantic ants, spiders, and other creatures.

While the world is once again at threat from alien invaders, Iron Rain will bring character customization to the series as well as a new cast of characters you’re most probably going to forget as you’re being swarmed by acid-spitting ants. Though we can expect to be kicking ass with even more gear, tech, and weaponry than before.

Oh and apparently you can ride on one of the giant ants now.

D3 Publisher has also announced that the game will come in both a Standard and Ultimate Edition via the PlayStation Store. Pre-orders also include custom costumes, weapons, and more missions that’ll come after the game launches.

Check out the Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain trailer below:

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Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain launches for PlayStation 4 on April 11, 2019.

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