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As Xaviant seemingly closes their doors and updates are few and far between, is The Culling‘s second lease of life coming to a swift and abrupt end?

Last year was a big one for The Culling and its developer Xaviant. Not only did the company finally admit that they might have goofed up with The Culling, they decided to go back to the drawing board and kick-start work on the earlier iteration of the first game.

Initially, the developer re-released an early version of The Culling while they work on re-creating the magic in what would later be called The Culling: Origins. The game also became free-to-play which meant many new players could enter the melee-based battle royale for the first time.

All seemed well and good for The Culling, and the company, they even decided to host a streamer tournament in order to drum up even more hype for the game offering a prize pool of $25,000, though, the tournament itself was wrapped in controversy.

Following this, things started to slow down. Updates for the game all but stopped, and the game’s dedicated fanbase started to rumble. What exactly was happening with the game?

Then, early December news hit The Culling subreddit that Xaviant had closed its doors. The office was empty, and signs in the car park had been removed. It appeared as if Xaviant had gone back to their old ways of keeping the player out of the loop. Until Xaviant’s CEO chimed in on the shuttering of the studio.

This is the last update from the developer as both Xaviant, The Culling, and McMain’s Twitter accounts have remained dark for the past few weeks – which doesn’t bode well for the game.

Adding to this, the last patch for The Culling landed in October and the most significant addition to the game was bots, which of course keep unpopulated servers populated with, well… bots – something players are pretty unhappy about.

What does this mean for the future of The Culling? Well, right now it seems as if the developer has shut up shop and has abandoned the game. There has been nothing from the developer since McMain’s tweet on December 14, and even then it was more of a damage control reply, than something actually substantial.

We even reached out to Brian Sharon who was handling communications, branding, and PR for Xaviant when the company re-launched the game, however, this email bounced as the account no longer existed. Then I shot over to his Twitter only to find that he is, according to his description, “on a short hiatus.” (It’s worth noting an email to Michael McMain’s email has yet to bounce).

Again, the future doesn’t look overly bright for the game, or the developer as a whole, and does very little to reassure me that there’s any future for The Culling. As of writing, servers still seem to be up and players are able to find games on both PC and Xbox One, though this seems to be hit or miss as servers seem unstable and underpopulated.

We’ve reached out to Xaviant for a comment.

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"Office Manager (Former Employee) – Cumming, GA – November 6, 2018
Company closed studio on 10/31/18. Loved working there, was sad to see it close down. I had an awesome position with a great group of people. Will miss this job."