A launch trailer/ advertisement for Devolver Digital’s and Nomada Studios latest title, Gris, has been rejected from Facebook over some alleged “sexual content”. The thing is, there is absolutely NO sexual content being advertised…

Devolver Digital tweeted this yesterday bringing light to the perplexing decision…

The image depicted in their Tweet is the one that apparently has sexually suggestive themes in it, except it doesn’t, at all.

For starters, the image shows a STATUE, and when you watch the full scene, that statue is then crushed by some black tendril-like thing. Nowhere in their promotional material is there any hint or suggestion of any type of sexual content. Going even further, those that have already played the game will know there is no sexual content really even shown, ever, in the game!

Gris revolves around their protagonist suffering and recovering from some type of trauma. It is not clearly stated what that trauma was, and that’s part of the beauty of the game, is leaving that up to the player to decide. Saying that Gris has ANY kind of sexual or suggestive content is just absurd, but hey, that’s Facebook’s spot on algorithm for you.

A representative from Devolver Digital told Kotaku that they had tried to appeal the decision but that it was rejected “based on the grounds that Facebook doesn’t allow nudity…” WHAT?! It’s a STATUE! Even if it wasn’t a statue, there is still absolutely no nudity being shown there.

So basically, trash-bag Kelly can post a picture of herself in overly revealing booty shorts and a bra that’s two sizes too small, but Devolver Digital can’t post a fucking picture of a statue from their new game that has absolutely nothing sexual about it. Makes sense. Keep up the good work Facebook, maybe your appeal process should be handled by humans and not some broken algorithm that can’t tell the difference between what is sexual and what isn’t.

For those that are interested in Gris, and you absolutely should be, check out the launch trailer below along with our review here!

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