For Honor kicks off its third year dubbed ‘The Year of the Harbinger’ and brings with it a huge patch and a brand new hero for fans to use called ‘The Black Prior Vortiger’.

In the latest patch news from Ubisoft, we see that hero improvements are being made, a new map called ‘Harbor’ revealed, new weapons, new gear, bug fixes, and character rigging are all undergoing at this moment in time. You can watch all this news under an extensive livestream that’s been put out with the blog.

The Vortiger is of the knight faction and looks to be a heavy armor knight who dispatches his enemies quickly with his long sword and kite shield. I imagine he plays extremely defensive and is good against groups of enemies, using his huge shield to his advantage. New executions and weekly quests for owners of the marching fire expansion will also come into play this week.

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For Honor is out now for PS4, Xbox One & PC.

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