For too long have we sat waiting for a friend to see the conclusion of a Fortnite Battle Royale whilst idly counting the remaining players and only getting audio cues of how bad things are going for them.

All that soon comes to an end as know shitposter and Fortnite data leaker @lucas7yoshi_ has uncovered some files within the game hinting towards the potential mode. There does seem to be some pretty solid evidence (from what I can understand at least) and you can see the tweet where he shows the coding right here:

This also seems to be the case as Epic Games has reached out to YouTuber BlueNightEdgar inviting him to a private testing session in Los Angeles (some people have all the luck). He tweeted out a screenshot of the invitation which again you can see here:

It’s quite a surprise that it has taken as long as it has for the prospect for this to poke it’s little head out but I think better late than never. Even if these are just rumors though, Epic Games does have a good penchant for listening to their audience so even if we are pointing in the wrong direction here, I would surmise that we wouldn’t be far off seeing this.

I am looking forward to the idea of being able to see just what it is that’s causing my friends to freak out as opposed to imaging the scenario. Do you think Fortnite could benefit from a spectator mode or not? Let us know below.

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