Fortnite‘s Save The World mode has gone through another big change recently. With the recent overhaul of the UI of the menu and how most of the preparation stage works, it was time to tackle the lovable Loot Llamas.

No longer will you cross your fingers in hopes of obtaining some sweet Legendary Loot for you Collection Book or for horde stomping. Now, the V-buck llamas are becoming the much cooler named, X-Ray Llama.

Now players can view the contents of the precious pinatas before, deciding whether to risk their hard-earned in-game currency. The llama doesn’t directly show you what you will be getting but instead determine the rarity level of said loot. From there it will check your account and try to provide you with something that is missing from your inventory of Collection Book.

Fortnite X-Ray Llamas

This is thanks to Fortnite 5.10 patch which minimized the chances of receiving duplicates of anything. This doesn’t just apply to weapons and traps but also extends to your Heroes, Survivors, and Defenders.

There is a slight sting to this though as you won’t be able to purchase multiple llamas due to the new mechanics. Not only this but if there isn’t anything you don’t think is worthy of wasting your money on then you will need to wait for the daily refresh. But with the bad must come the good, all owners of Save The World receive 5 free Llama Upgrade Tokens to take the new system for a spin.

This is a great step towards ridding the industry of the loot box controversy. I, personally, am looking forward to finally getting back onto Save The World and wasting my V-bucks on something other than the next seasons Battle Royale Battle Pass and sweet, sweet dance moves. This game has me by the jolly parts.

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